For the past years, cinematic vision of Andy Abzah & Greg Kotler has been a trademark & style for their film projects. Working together since 2009 the Israeli partnership experimented in various fields of imagery from film to digital, print to graphic design and sound to post production. Kasafilms formulated a vocabulary of visual aesthetics, glamour, grunge and realism with special affection to minor details. Thus, connecting emotions with moving images in which they found their unique signature. Formed in their latest documentarian adventures.

Kasafilms formed while Andy Abzah Studied graphic design at Shankar College of design & Greg Kotler attended Film school in Tel Aviv University. Influenced by the growing digital capture era of late 2000 they began working together as a DIY film production duo. Being enthusiasts & autodidacts of the cinema field they enlarged the scale of their expertise to script writing, editing, and post production. As a final result appeared in their last documentary “Aurora into the light”.

Kasafilms headquarters currently based in Berlin. Establishing the city’s artistic aesthetics and dialogue between commerce and art.


Unique Storytelling

Film Concept

Cinematic Visual Experience

Art Direction

In-House Production

Source Editing & Post production

Sound Design

Arts & Crafts



Power to the People


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