Aleppo Crisis

Aleppo Crisis


Eastern Aleppo is now the epicenter of the Syrian conflict, forced to endure wave after wave of ferocious bombardment that threatens to reduce it to a pile of broken concrete and dust. With the pro-government forces’ latest push to seize control of the area, the conflict has turned more bitter and bloody than ever before. In a matter of days, Syrian government forces advancing on eastern Aleppo have captured new territories held by armed opposition groups, including the districts of Jabal Badro and Masaken Hanano, where at least 100 families are living. Since Nov. 25, the U.N. Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs reported that 25,000 people have fled the besieged area.

Some of the area’s beleaguered residents have given up all hope of international action to halt their suffering. “There is nowhere to run or hide,” said one resident, Nizar. Before the latest assault, in anticipation of the renewed bombardment, another resident, Um Mohamed, said she felt it was only a matter of time “before hell is unleashed again.”

The Aleppo crisis is real. our hearts goes out to all our Syrian friends and families.

The worst thing happening at Syria is: the U.N co-operates with Assad’s Regime; the west supports the “oppositions forces”, thus leaving the regular citizen who don’t partake in a selective political agenda in a deadly trap.

Here are some organization which are free from political agenda:




Text By : Greg Kotler