Kasastream August 2018

Created by Kasafilms. 30 songs, 2 hr 11 min.

Curated by Kasafilms, Kasastream’s August playlist is a compelling vision of what imperfect selection can be—joyful in both sound and feeling precisely because both seem so out-of-step and asymmetrical. The playlist is available exclusively on Spotify and updated on a monthly basis.

Favorites and honorable mentions include Sheila Ray’s “shoot this dying horse,” a perfect selection for open road driving. Followed by BJ Chicago Kid’s “nothing into something,” Gangsta, gospel, greasy soul-track, and Buddy’s “guillotine” a heavily compressed low-end drum frenzy by produced by Kaytranada. Followed by a triplet from “ASTROWORLD,” Travis Scott’s sticky, humid and psychedelic trapping bible story. Finishing off with “Biking,” Frank Ocean’s murky and distorted voice glides – a perfect companion for the last days of summer.