Kasastream July 2018

Created by Kasafilms. 31 songs, 1 hr 57 min.

In celebration of summer, Kasafilms-team has chosen its top tracks that will transport you straight to Caribbean mode, and bring you into the ecstatic state of mind that only exists in the rave, before bringing you back down to earth. The playlist is available exclusively on Spotify and updated on a monthly basis.

The nearly two-hour journey includes heavy dug gems from Ukraine such as Nisantashi Primary School’s “Past yesterdays”, but also hints at our far-reaching influences. Tapping into a euphoria felt away from the dance floor are songs like Klein’s “Collect”, a spoken-word reminiscent of the love and unity of a choir of club-goers singing together in the early hours of the morning. Like our film-work, Kasafilms’s extensive playlist has the power to transport you powerfully to different eras and memories.