Set in the legendary Studios La Fabrique the mini-documentary titled:  “AURORA – Infections Of A Different Kind – Step I” follows Norwegian pop singer Aurora Aksnes, during the recording process of her second album.


Director Greg Kotler

DOP Andy Abzah

CA Alex Salucov

Post Production Kasafilms

Client Decca


“There’s a deeper understanding of myself and what I want to say and do than on my first album. It’s more tuned into my soul and who I am,” “It’s about the many, many different aspects of what it is to be human. It covers the way we hurt and we love and the way we are so beautiful but also so awful.” – AURORA

“Aurora sings from the heart, with each note connecting to a different moment in her life” – Clash Magazine

“Aurora may be inspired by nature, but the Norwegian star is mixing grit into the melody” – The Sunday Times

“The world will benefit from the bit of Norway that this unique person brings with her” – Evening Standard “At the peak of her powers” – Clash