It’s just me coming home (2019) is an experimental short dedicated to the memory of musician Amir Kerts, based on recordings of his unreleased song “Nightmare.” Directed by Kasafilms. Compiled from seven-year-old archival footage of Kerts recording music in his remote studio located in the south of Israel. And of experimental footage taken by filmmakers Andy Abzah and Greg Kotler in the Californian desert. The film incorporates commentary from frequent collaborators and friends – members of the Avant-Garde punk band The Crotches and Sheigez frontman Yuval Mendelson.


Director Greg Kotler

DOP Andy Abzah

Azuz (עֱזוּז) is a community settlement located between Sinai and the Negev border, 12 kilometres south-southeast of Nitzana and 3 kilometres east of the border with Egypt. The current settlement was established in 1985, in place of various artisans and tourist enterprises. As of 2015, the village has 16 families. It Belongs to Ramat Negev Regional Council and is located at an average height of about 325 meters above sea level. It is named after Azuz river, which flows northeast of the settlement.