In “Winter is here”, a video campaign for the Israeli fashion house TwentyFourSeven. Kasafilms-crew found itself hiking, driving, and sailing in midst of challenging climate conditions, all for one purpose, bring to life visuals by the creative mastermind Ron Kahn. This video was filmed on location at midlands and seaside of Norway, and guided by the Director – virtuoso, Nimrod Peled. Craftily shot and framed by Kasafilms very own DOP, Andy Abzah.


    DIRECTOR      Nimrod Peled     CREATIVE DIRECTOR   Ron Kahn     DOP    Kasafilms      PRODUCER    Efrat Amon        

    STYLING    Reuven Cohen     HAIR Benjamin   Raumi   MAKEUP   Noga Tamir     AGENCY    BNY Offer Ya’ar       

     CLIENT TwentyFourSeven



    Text By : Greg Kotler