Documentary film directed by Greg Kotler and Andy Abzah (Kasafilms) about Norwegian singer Aurora, following the release of her debut album All My Demons Greeting Me as a Friend. 

Directed by Greg Kotler & Andy Abzah
Story By Greg Kotler
Cinematography Andy Abzah
Editing Andy Abzah Greg Kotler
Production Kasafilms
Executive Producer David Schenirer

2. Into The Light.00_00_16_40.Still001
2. Into The Light.00_05_16_31.Still006
2. Into The Light.00_03_26_14.Still005
2. Into The Light.00_03_08_14.Still004
2. Into The Light.00_02_37_05.Still003
2. Into The Light.00_02_04_36.Still007
2. Into The Light.00_02_00_36.Still009
2. Into The Light.00_02_00_20.Still010
2. Into The Light.00_01_57_27.Still002


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