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What happens when love unravels like a dance performance? What happens when writing unfolds like the human body? What happens when the human body becomes the writing itself? Horse Stomp (2019) is a hybrid mini-doc directed by Greg Kotler. Based on a story from a novel "We Should Do It More Often" written by Udi Sharabani.

Horse Stomp. Directed by Greg Kotler (16)

Horse Stomp is the story of the dissipating relationship between a screenwriter and his partner, a clinical psychologist and a former dancer. Description of the relationship’s breakdown: random moments, broken lines of thought depicted in a montage of found-footage, nonlinear sequences of archival footage and layered field recordings; Are they alive? Are they watching a film? Or are they, unknowingly, acting in a film?

Horse Stomp was written in a script format; the script's notes (‘Deliberate continuity error’ / ‘Music cue: theme song’, etc.) placed in the mouths of the film's protagonist, and used as the actual dialogue. Meaning, it is impossible to separate life from writing. But which one is the finished thing?

Maybe the dance.

Horse Stomp. Directed by Greg Kotler (6)

רְקִיעַת סוּס


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