it's just me coming home

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It’s just me coming home (2019) is a short-film, dedicated to the memory of musician Amir Kertes.

Saddened by the news of Amir Kertes passing, the Korach brothers, members of Avant Grade punk-band The Crotches, hold a trans-Atlantic phone call. They share past stories of their five-year-long friendship: from meeting Kertes in downtown Tel Aviv to recording The Crotches debut album deep in the Israeli desert. 

It’s just me coming home phases between two realities. The first happens in Ezuz, remote settlement located stone’s throw away from the Egyptian border. The second happens in various locations scattered around the highways of the southern California desert. Images appear and vanish without a particular order like a myriad of photo-morganas. A little boy stands by his father inside an empty pool; a long train carves its way through the dry valley; dust storm plays with scattered papers on the road in front of a deserted gas station; The Crotched band members stand on top of abandoned army-gear.

It’s just me coming home dissects and deals with feelings of grief and memory. It sequences images and field-recordings from strange and faraway places. Resulting in a parallel universe in which the interplay between fiction and reality exists.

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DIRECTOR Greg Kotler


EDITOR Greg Kotler

CAST Amir Kertes, Eylon Korach, Amit Korach, Yoad Korach, Yuval Mendelson 

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