Judging this project by it's name will sounds a lot like it was taken from a polish Nouvelle Vague cinema. but don't be mistaken this is a mind // paper bending experience. To explore this idea, Dana developed 12 processed-folding objects series, using custom built software in Processing and various physical techniques – printing, twisting, laser-cutting, knotting and framing. Both the digital tools and the physical techniques were used systematically in order to explore spatial, structural & geometrical conditions, leading to the emergence of prototypes. Dana used sheets of “Shrinky-Dinks”, a shrinkable pre-stressed polystyrene sheets that are used commercially in kids’ creativity kits. After creating various black and white patterns in Processing, she printed them on the sheets in black, using a simple desktop printer, and then induced folding by placing the sheets under an IR light bulb at a set distance. The printed sheets folded repeatedly within seconds upon exposure to the light, according to the black-line patterns. The energy from the light gets absorbed preferentially by the black line, which acts as a hinge because it converts the light effectively into heat. The heat relaxes the polymer directly under the hinge region in a gradient across the sheet thickness. God bless her and this amazing imagery this is imagery looks like it's been taken from Nasa.

Self Folding Structures, Polystyrene, Ink.
Times-Based Object, Digital & Analog Practice.
Research Group - Dana Zelig, Ido Bachelet, Hadass Jessel
Editor - Vova Kozorovitsky
Director of Photography - Misha Kaminsky